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House Renovation

A Successful Home Renovation with Avoid

by Luuk de Koster 15 Aug 2023
Thuisrenovatie: De Ultieme Gids - Avoid

Renovating the house is a challenge that can be both exciting and daunting. Whether it's painting walls or protecting floors, the right tools and products are essential to get the job done. With Avoid your renovation project will not only be simpler but also more efficient.

Protect Your Floor During Renovation

Are you painting walls and want to protect your floor from possible damage? Use self-adhesive covering fleece from Avoid. It is the ideal solution to protect your floors and stairs during intensive jobs. Discover more about self-adhesive covering fleece here.

Transform Your Windows with Style and Protection

Window film offers a fantastic way to renew and protect your windows. Whether you choose adhesive plastic for extra privacy or masking film to protect windows while painting, Avoid has a wide range of window films to suit every need.

Paint like a Pro with Avoid

Whether you are painting stairs, window frames, walls or plastic, with the right floor protection painting becomes a clean job. Find out how floor protection from Avoid helps you keep everything neat and clean during your painting projects.

Protect Your Floor During All Projects

Prevent scratches and damage to your floor with the right floor protection, ideal during renovations and conversions. Ensure that your floor still looks like new even after a major renovation with our floor protection.

Be Prepared for Winter with Avoid

From covering garden furniture to protecting firewood, our robust tarpaulins can withstand all weather conditions and provide optimal protection. Discover more about our covers.


Whether you are a professional painter or a do-it-yourselfer, the right products will make your renovation projects easier and more efficient. From tarpaulins to insulating window film, floor protection, and self-adhesive window film, Avoid has something for every job. Find your perfect product today and make your next renovation project a great success with Avoid!

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