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Stucloper: the indispensable protector for construction and renovation projects

by Anass Aabich 26 Apr 2023
Stucloper: de onmisbare beschermer bij bouw- en renovatieprojecten

Stucco carpets are a commonly used form of temporary floor protection in renovation and construction projects. One of the most popular stucco runners is the variant made from recycled material, including drinking packaging. In this article we take a closer look at the properties of this stucco runner, which is not only waterproof and strong, but also environmentally friendly.


One of the most important properties of stucco carpets is that they are waterproof. This means they are perfect for use on construction projects where there is a risk of flooding. The recycled stucco runners have a special coating that prevents water from leaking through. This ensures that the subfloor remains protected against moisture and that no damage occurs.


Stucco walkers are often used in construction and renovation projects where many people and material walk across the floor. It is therefore important that the stucco runner is strong enough to withstand this load. The recycled stucco runners are made of a strong fibre, making them resistant to frequent use and do not tear easily.

Environmentally friendly

One of the biggest advantages of recycled stucco carpets is that they are environmentally friendly. These stucco runners are made from recycled material, including drinking packaging. By reusing this packaging, less waste is produced and the burden on the environment is reduced. This makes the stucco walkers not only a sustainable choice, but also a responsible choice.


One of the benefits of stucco is that it is an environmentally friendly option when it comes to transportation. The material is lightweight and can be easily rolled up and placed on a pallet in large quantities. This makes transport much more efficient and reduces the CO2 emissions associated with transporting the floor protection.

The ideal floor protection

Recycled stucco pads are an excellent choice for temporary floor protection in construction and renovation projects. These stucco runners are waterproof, strong and environmentally friendly. Their durability and effectiveness make them a good investment for any construction professional looking for a reliable form of temporary floor protection.

All in all, there are many advantages to using stucco carpet as temporary floor protection. It is waterproof, strong, made from recycled material and environmentally friendly in terms of transport. In addition, it offers protection against liquids and is resistant to tearing and wear. The fact that many rolls fit on a pallet also makes it an efficient and cost-effective choice.

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