Protezione del pavimento

La protezione del pavimento è essenziale durante i lavori di tinteggiatura o i lavori domestici. Noi di Evitare offriamo una vasta gamma di prodotti che mantengono il tuo pavimento come nuovo. La nostra guida in gesso e la pellicola di copertura sono appositamente progettati per fornire protezione contro l'umidità e lo sporco. Che si tratti di una ristrutturazione o di altre attività in cui il pavimento è a rischio, i nostri tappetini protettivi e i nostri tappetini protettivi offrono la soluzione ideale. Scegli Evita per la protezione del pavimento, i tappetini protettivi o i tappetini per verniciatura e mantieni la qualità dei tuoi pavimenti.

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Why floor protection?

With every job or renovation, floors are at risk of moisture, dirt and damage. To keep your floors in top condition, effective floor protection is indispensable. Avoid is a specialist in high-quality floor protection products, such as plaster runner and cover foil, which are specially designed to protect your floor against all kinds of damage. Whether it concerns a major renovation or a smaller DIY job, our floor protection ensures that your floor continues to look like new, without the risk of damage or discoloration. Discover more about our safe, reliable and effective floor protection solutions and their various applications.

Choosing the right floor protection

When choosing floor protection, it is important to take into account the type of surface, the nature of the work and personal preferences such as ease of use and durability. For soft floor coverings, for example, fleece or Perfect Cover are a good choice. Plaster carpet is ideal for hard surfaces such as laminate, especially if the floor is frequently walked on. Avoid offers the right floor protection for every situation.

Self-adhesive covering fleece

For a foil that stays in place, choose self-adhesive covering fleece from Avoid. This covering fleece is tear-resistant and has strong adhesion, protecting the floor safely and effectively against dirt, moisture and damage. Whether you have a hard or soft surface, we have the right self-adhesive covering fleece for your floor protection.

Cover with cover fleece

Avoid's cover fleece is an excellent choice for painting. This material not only provides protection against dirt, but also absorbs moisture (such as paint stains) and dampens sound. It is often provided with a non-slip layer, which makes it ideal for both paint absorption and protection against scratches and falling objects.
Self-adhesive Floor Protection: This type is easy to apply directly to the floor without the use of tape, making it ideal for quick applications. It is especially suitable for smooth floors such as laminate and leaves no adhesive residue.
Breathable Floor Protection: Our covering fleece (Perfect Cover) with a breathable structure is perfect for newly laid, smooth floors that have yet to harden. This type allows moisture to pass through, allowing the floor to dry properly. The self-adhesive underlay makes it easy to use and ideal for protecting stairs and floors.
This variant is particularly suitable for painting and DIY work. The paint-absorbing upper material combined with a non-slip layer on the underside ensures safety and cleanliness during work. This type of covering fleece does not need to be attached with tape.

Plaster runner for hard floors

At Avoid we offer plaster runner, an ideal solution for protecting hard floors such as PVC, parquet or tiles. Our stucco runner is made of durable material and available in different sizes. It contains a PE plastic layer that makes the plaster runner water-repellent. In addition, our plaster runner is strong enough for reuse, making it a sustainable choice for your floor protection.

Attaching floor protection

It is essential to secure your floor protection properly. Although self-adhesive covering fleece and self-adhesive covering film do not require additional attachment, this is the case with stucco carpet. Use our special plaster tape for optimal adhesion, without the risk of adhesive residue. We do advise not to leave the tape on for too long to prevent color changes. At Avoid you will find various types of floor protection, all of which meet our high quality standards. The choice depends on your personal preference and budget.