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How do you increase the value of your property by making your home more sustainable?

06 Oct 2023
Hoe Verhoogt U de Waarde van Uw Bezit door de Verduurzaming van Uw Woning? - Avoid

The need for making your home more sustainable is now more tangible than ever, especially in the construction sector. With the introduction of new building regulations and standards, as discussed in the BouwKennis Annual Report 2023/2024, the importance of developing energy-efficient homes is emphasized. This is not only crucial for the environment, but also offers homeowners the opportunity to save in the long term and increase the value of their property.

Why Sustainability Is Essential:

New construction projects and existing homes are increasingly subject to stricter sustainability standards. This is due to the growing recognition of the impact of the construction sector on the environment and the desire to improve energy efficiency and increase quality of life. Stricter regulations surrounding the sustainability of homes means that adjustments will be inevitable for many homeowners in the near future.

Protection and Insulation with Avoid:

Avoid offers a range of products that not only contribute to making your home more sustainable, but also to providing protection and insulation. From high-quality insulation materials that help increase the energy efficiency of your home, to protective products that prevent damage to your property, we have everything you need to future-proof your home.

The Numerous Benefits of Sustainability:

Investing in making your home more sustainable offers numerous benefits. In addition to immediately reducing your ecological footprint, you can also enjoy lower energy bills, improved living comfort, and possibly even an increase in the value of your home. Furthermore, by investing in sustainable solutions now, you can avoid possible future adjustment costs associated with stricter construction and housing requirements.

It's Time to Act:

Now is the time to be proactive and adapt your home to the sustainable standards of the future. Reduce your energy consumption, protect your home from damage, and contribute to a greener planet with Avoid's products and solutions. Whether you are planning a new construction project or looking to upgrade your current home, we are ready to support you on your path to a more sustainable future.


As the world adapts to a more environmentally conscious era, Avoid brings the products and knowledge you need to transform your home. Start the journey towards a more sustainable future and discover how your home can not only meet the standards of tomorrow, but also contribute to a healthier, greener world.


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